Who We Are

The Wild Ones

Lolly was founded by a family and their friends. We dance to the rhythm of our own drum, laugh together, and savour life’s best moments together – and we get by with a little help from our friend.

The Quiet Aliens

We are a pack of lone wolves. Our menu is backed by decades of experience providing quality cannabis to thousands of Canadians spanning a decade pre-legalization. Read more about Nathan’s story here.

A Subtle Oddity

We believe that growing great cannabis is about mixing art and science. We are committed to excellence and uncompromised quality. Unlike others, ahem, we’re all about offering the best product at each price point, it’s that simple.

Come on in
and experience
our passion for cannabis excellence.

As a pack of lone wolves who have spent decades skirting the rules, pheno-hunting, cultivating, and finessing the balance of art and science ourselves – we’re constantly chasing old school profiles, newer exotic genetics and exclusive cultivars with in-demand lineages that are available through the OCS and Flow-Through. Our menu is backed by years of fostering genuine connections—with our producers, growers, and community— and taking the time to know what’s coming next.