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Breaking the Stigma Around Parenting and Cannabis Use

Breaking the stigma around parenting and cannabis use has been my personal mission statement for a long time, says Carmela, Store Manager at Lolly Pickering. One of my favorite things about cannabis is the way that it allows me to see humor in almost everything. Being able to laugh at things taught me that most […]
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@JohnOldschool's Puff, Puff, Pass

Puff DISTINKT CANNABIS – Monaco Octane 3.5g  (Paris OG x The Menthol) 31.1% THC – 4.2% Terps – Total Cannabinoids 37.01% Harvest Date: Dec 6 2022 You already know how we feel about Carmel’s Animal Face here at Lolly! To get to have an equally gassy limonene forward indica leaner that packs the same cerebral […]
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Fatherhood: Breaking the Stigmas Associated with Cannabis Use

@JohnOldschool shares his experience of fatherhood and breaking the stigmas associated with cannabis use. In his words, Sizing up the little things that matter most is easier when you can focus on what’s actually important. Parenting and some of the overwhelming challenges that come with the role can have us easily side tracked at times. […]
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Lolly Brings A Unique Cannabis Shopping Experience To Caledonia

AN INDEPENDANT CANNABIS RETAIL STORE PROVIDING A CURATED SELECTION OF SUPERIOR PRODUCTS  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CALEDONIA, ON – November 17, 2020 – Lolly—Grand Opening November 21, 2020—is an independent cannabis retail store based out of Caledonia, ON, selling a range or premium products and accessories. Lolly is a modern and personal approach to cannabis. Our […]
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Max Zavet: Industry pioneer

Getting high is an affair that begins well before you consume and extends far beyond that last euphoric minute. With every intention and purpose, the added element of understanding the nuances of the flower provides that extra layer of perspective, enriching your experience. In our first Find Your Flower edition, we had the pleasure of […]
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