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Antuanette Gomez: Sex and cannabis are the reason I am in the industry today

By Lolly Cannabis on July 11, 2023 - Filed under 

Cannabis and sex expert, Antuanette Gomez is the founder and CEO of the cannabis luxury jewellery brand Acapulco Gold, the founder and CEO of  Pleasure Peaks, a cannabis women’s sexual health company, a part time cannabis consultant at the Green Rush Program and a proud public speaker on cannabis and its cross-section with sexual, women and minority issues.

“Sex and cannabis are the reason I am in the industry today. I never would have thought my career in holistic nutrition would lead me to talk about vaginas and orgasms to thousands of people worldwide.” 

What is the meaning behind the name of the company?

We chose to name the company Acapulco Gold because of its affinity to the legacy market. Acapulco Gold is a well known legacy strain name and plays homage to the industry’s roots. The strain comes from Mexico and me being south American, seemed fitting. Acapulco Gold is a strain my grandfather used to grow in our backyard when I was a child. With a reputation for being one of the best cannabis strains and becoming increasingly more difficult to find- kind of like quality affordable cannabis jewellery- the name appropriately suited our mission and values.

Facing stigmas head on- can you speak to this?

Acapulco Gold emphasizes that there is way more to cannabis culture than pot leafs and Bob Marley. We know that cannabis consumers aren’t just the stereotypical stoners and therefore we want to provide elevated, elegant pieces for everyone to enjoy.  We want to be apart of change and to us this means creating more opportunities for everyone- from the goldsmiths to the consumers.

What is so special about your company?

What makes Acapulco Gold special and unique is that we are really the first affordable cannabis luxury jewellery brand. We focus on creating elegant pieces at affordable prices. In the industry we laugh at the realness of “cannabis tax” for business owners but the worst part about it is that it extends to the consumer as well. We want to change that by offering affordable jewelry with stunning elegant designs that you can wear to birthday parties, conferences and special events that aren’t a thc molecule necklace I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing.  Our pieces range in price from $20 - $88. Elegant luxury for the sophisticated stoners- we know they exist.

Another important part of our business is that we donate 5% of each sale to Cannabis Amnesty. Since its creation, the Campaign for Cannabis Amnesty has been fighting to persuade the federal government that legalization of cannabis is not enough. Justice requires that legislation be passed to undo the harms caused by the criminalization of cannabis possession and its enforcement, which disproportionately targeted Black, Indigenous, and vulnerable members of society.  Shedding light on the lack of diversity in the industry is an issue close to our heart, which is why we also love to hire BIPOC cannabis jewelers and goldsmiths to make a more diverse cannabis and fashion industry.

Where are you based out of?

We are based out of Toronto, Canada- a proud Canadian Company- all of our pricing is in Canadian dollars so our American friends get great deals.

Tell us about yourself and what led you to where you are today?

I have been in the industry for eight year now. I began my career as a holistic nutritionist which brought my attention to the potential of cannabis for varied uses. While working at a chronic pain clinic I began to question the notion of quality of life and was shocked at how many people were suffering in silence. I became painfully aware of how many women suffered from sexual related discomfort but lack access to quality products. Women have been suffering in silence for too long due to the stigma surrounding women’s sexual health and pleasure.

I created Pleasure Peaks as a safe space for women to address issues that don’t get talked about. We offer Elevated Love Retreat in Hawaii and Jamaica and host a monthly podcast on cannabis and sexual health-related topics, Pleasure Talks. There’s also a private Facebook group of pleasure lovers curious about cannabis.

From here, I started Pleasure Peaks- a women’s sexual health product line sold in the United States. I also host retreats and the Pleasure Talks Podcast, where I talk about cannabis and sexuality. I started the Green Rush Program, a consultancy company that helps entrepreneurs start their own legal compliant cannabis business and founded the International Cannabis Built by Blacks Expo which will be held February 26th – 28th 2021 virtually.  www.cbbbexpo.org.

You consider yourself a sex expert, how do cannabis and sex work together?

Sex and cannabis is the reason I am in the industry today. I never would have thought my career in holistic nutrition would lead me to talk about vaginas and orgasms to thousands of people worldwide. There are so many sexual health ailments that cannabis can be used to treat but also innumerable ways that cannabis can be used to improve sexual health and pleasure. Cannabis is a vasodilator for women – like Viagra is for men. Cannabis can be used topically to achieve similar effects, like increased blood flow to the vulva and greater sensitivity, and these benefits are unique to women. CBD and THC both play important roles for pleasure. CBD can help relax the pelvic muscles where a lot of women hold stress, which could help a woman orgasm. If it’s an oil based lube you could actually use the lube as massage oil- you gotta love our endocannabinoid system.

Talking about sex and cannabis is not new to me. I had my own sex and cannabis column in High Canada Magazine in 2016. I absolutely love to see the dramatic transformation and healing people get from using cannabis mindfully in the bedroom. And this isn’t just for recreational lovers but also for medical patients like assault survivors dealing with sexual anxiety or endo warriors wanting to boost their libido.

Tell us your favourite story

When we were in the R + D phase for Pleasure Peaks, I was dating a doctor at the time and we had a lot of fun testing out the different cannabis lubes. There is something very spiritual about getting your pussy high for the first time. What I love about topicals is that they provide a localized effect so you can get your pussy high without any psychoactive effects. We did a lot of research through trial and error on dosing–   we learned a little goes a long way but that doesn’t mean you can’t double it up.

What are you excited about?

I am super pumped for our Celebrity Inspired Collections. First to hit the market is the Rihanna line, studded with pearls and gemstones- it is so over the top bougee but also elegant- I can’t wait. And our CBD Pleasure Line launching in the United States this coming Christmas!

What is your #FindYourFlower advice?

When I first started smoking, I would eat everything in the fridge or pass out. It wasn’t until later that I learned there is a strain for everything. I grew to appreciate the many different strains and their varying effects and started keeping a Cannabis Journal that I encourage everyone to do. There is a correlation between the terpenes, genetics and our cannabinoid system, that we should notice and make note of.

What is your favourite strain for the bedroom?

Super Silver Haze 🔥