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By Lolly Cannabis on July 11, 2023 - Filed under 


DISTINKT CANNABIS – Monaco Octane 3.5g  (Paris OG x The Menthol)

31.1% THC – 4.2% Terps – Total Cannabinoids 37.01%

Harvest Date: Dec 6 2022

You already know how we feel about Carmel’s Animal Face here at Lolly! To get to have an equally gassy limonene forward indica leaner that packs the same cerebral punch is a real treat for us. The Distinkt Monaco Octane label is about as transparent as you’ll find. From the Breeder to total Cannabinoids and most importantly the harvest date! This marriage between the recent harvest date and the healthy THC/Terpene profile is a great introduction before you open the sleek black bag to be met with a sweet menthol and fuel aroma that points to a real winner!


DUNN CANNABIS – Platinum Kush Breath 3.5g (Platinum (UW Hashplant x Permafrost) x OGKB)

29.3% THC – 2.89% Terps

Package Date: Jan 23 2023 (Harvest date guesstimate late Nov 2022)

As soon as you crack the seal on the glass jar your senses will be greeted by a warm, dank greeting that lets you know this is a slow thumper. There’s enough Limonene (0.81%) to give us kush lovers that nice active head up front before the Beta Caryophyllene tosses a warm blanket out of the dryer on us and lulls us into an easy relaxed state. A nice addition to the “Indica” space by Logan and the sluggers at Dunn Cannabis.



This week I’m taking a pass on educational samples that have been sitting in your car for extended periods of time. It’s cold this time of year and although there is almost nothing worse than giggle bush that has been stored in a warm place losing its terps and potency. Having it freeze dry in your car overnight is a close second! Let’s save the temperature extremes for the hash makers 😉