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Lolly Brings A Unique Cannabis Shopping Experience To Caledonia

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CALEDONIA, ON – November 17, 2020 – Lolly—Grand Opening November 21, 2020—is an independent cannabis retail store based out of Caledonia, ON, selling a range or premium products and accessories.

Lolly is a modern and personal approach to cannabis. Our hand-picked assortment brings together the very best products, while our experiential retail space provides a relaxed yet refined environment to browse, learn, and explore.

We believe every cannabis experience is unique and personal. From first-timers to expert consumers, our open-minded and knowledgeable team offers an informative experience, catered to each client’s individual needs.

Lolly was founded by a family. “We are spontaneous, shamelessly indulgent and believe in discovery,  living life to the fullest and embracing every moment,” said Danielle Braemer, CEO and Co-Founder.

We seek genuine connections—with our producers, growers, and community—and take the time to find the products that industry experts are excited about, always looking forward to what’s coming next. From the cultivation teams to our clients in-store, our passion for the life-changing power of cannabis is what unites us.

We value premium products and have made it our mission to curate a select assortment of superior cannabis goods at a variety of price points, for both experienced consumers and first-time buyers. Our distinct curation includes Broken Coast, Ace Valley, Msiku as well as Auxly’s sought-after brands—Kolab and Foray—as well as local brands like Gage, Redecan and Color Cannabis, whose dried products are now offered in flavour-saving, nitrogen-infused packaging.

“We’re proud to support new retail initiatives and send kudos to the Lolly team on their grand opening,” said Stephen Ng, Chief Commercial Officer of WeedMD, parent company of the Color Cannabis brand. “We’re delighted that their customers will be greeted by Color Cannabis products from day one, and we commend Lolly for their commitment to quality, the customer experience and a thriving Ontario cannabis landscape.”

We also look forward to offering the highly-anticipated Robes’ BLLRDR and Flint and Embers’ Sensi Star- rumours have it we should be expecting to see terpenes coming in at > 2%. “We are thrilled at the quality of the product coming to market by the end of this year and are so excited to launch Flint and Embers. “We would like to extend our best wishes and congratulations to the Lolly team who have done an excellent job at staying in the loop on new, premium products hitting the buy sheet,” said Pat Witcher, Chief Commercial Officer at MJardin.

“Congratulations to the team at Lolly on this fantastic opening,” said Jeff (“J.J.”) O’Neill, Chief Commercial Officer, Auxly. “We share Lolly’s commitment to quality and are thrilled that Caledonia consumers will be offered Auxly’s products from our popular brands Kolab Project, Foray, and Dosecann.”

Lolly’s striking interior was designed by the husband-and-wife duo behind MaNa Works. The couple has been instrumental in the design of a number of high-profile projects, including OCAD University’s Rosalie Sharp Pavilion while working for Bortolotto Design. They brought Lolly’s vision to life, creating a refined boutique that is unparalleled in Caledonia—and all of Southern Ontario. 

“Ace Valley is thrilled to be working with the awesome team at Lolly. The store design is inviting, fun, and creative but most important is their friendly and educated team that welcomes you into the Lolly experience and offers a wealth of information to their patrons. Good luck with this awesome new venture and know that Ace Valley will be here to support the Lolly team in any way we can!" - Matthew Sananes, Ace Valley Ontario Sales Director. 

Wherever you are on your cannabis journey, Lolly is here to bring you something better.

Here’s to Better High. We hope you’ll join us!

Better things are blooming at Lolly.

Visit www.lollycannabis.com and follow us at @lolly_cannabis on Instagram.


Lolly is an independent cannabis retail store located in southern Ontario. We value premium products and have made it our mission to curate a selective assortment of superior cannabis goods at a variety of price points, for both experienced consumers and first-time buyers. 


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