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Max Zavet: Industry pioneer

By Lolly Cannabis on July 11, 2023 - Filed under 

Getting high is an affair that begins well before you consume and extends far beyond that last euphoric minute. With every intention and purpose, the added element of understanding the nuances of the flower provides that extra layer of perspective, enriching your experience.

In our first Find Your Flower edition, we had the pleasure of chatting with industry pioneer, Max Zavet. A lawyer by trade and Canadian cannabis connoisseur by nature, Max is the co-founder of Emblem Corp and CEO of Robes Cannabis, a company dedicated to curating luxury pot products and bringing exotic strains to consumers.

"I have always believed in cannabis as an alternative for both medical and recreational uses. My vision from the start has been to grow the highest quality, unique strains that are not common in the marketplace, but are extremely effective and enjoyable."

Describe your career path?

I was always entrepreneurial, but I cut my teeth first as a lawyer specializing in real estate and started my own firm called Levy Zavet PC where I built a reputable practice for over 5 years.  I transitioned into the legal Cannabis industry officially in 2015 and launched Emblem Cannabis, Canada’s 15th licensed producer.  Emblem went public in 2016 and I left Emblem in 2018 to begin exploring new opportunities.

What brought you into the cannabis industry?

I have been passionate about Cannabis since university.  I always preferred consuming Cannabis instead of drinking at social events and I’ve used it medically for chronic neck pain due to degenerative discs – therefore as a consumer I wished there were more products that I like to consume available in the legal market.

Describe the inspiration around crafting a brand like Robes. Was there a light bulb moment?

After my experience at Emblem, the biggest opportunity I saw in the market was premium quality flower products based on reputable genetics and strains that were high in cannabinoids and terpenes.  I spent a lot of time touring many grow operations and dispensaries all over Canada and the United States discovering amazing strains, breeders and companies that were leaders in this emerging industry and I took what I learned and applied it to Robes and sought to make these wonderful products to everyone.

How would your children talk about your career?

I am very open and up front with my children, they know exactly what I do.  Daddy sells cannabis flowers! On Valentine’s Day my 6-year-old painted a cannabis flag for me at school instead of hearts. Surprisingly his teacher was super cool with it – its encouraging to see that the stigma associated with cannabis is definitely shifting in a positive direction.

What’s next?

Conquer the Canadian cannabis market with amazing award-winning cannabis.

Who speaks to your other senses, what are you looking at and listening to?

Just like cannabis strains, my tastes are varied, but I do really like Drake, and not only because his producer, 40 is one of my partners. A couple of my favorite artists are Birdo and Kaws.

Anything else you would like to say?

There has been a lot negative news lately with respect to the legal cannabis market – from unscrupulous corporate actors to old and dry products – legal cannabis has a long way to go to earn back consumers’ trust and ensure a steady transition from legacy markets to the legal market.  Companies like Robes and others that care about product quality and customer satisfaction will emerge as winners and shape this industry for the future.