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Women-Owned Retailers on the Importance of an Inclusive Cannabis Culture

By Lolly Cannabis on July 11, 2023 - Filed under 


Women who own authorized cannabis retail stores share their unique approach to business and what it’s like to seek gender parity in an emerging industry.

From investors to store founders, the cannabis industry has long been a male-dominated space. This month, we’re highlighting eight women who own licensed stores and offer fresh perspectives on Ontario’s cannabis industry and the promise of a more diverse future.

Danielle Braemer, CEO and Founder
Lolly Cannabis

Danielle Braemer is honoured to be part of a strong cohort of early female owners and operators in Ontario’s burgeoning cannabis industry. She is optimistic that the benefits of diversity in the workplace are becoming more apparent, and she is working with other women to lay a foundation for the future.

“Female representation in every industry is important. It may take decades of unlearning, readjusting, educating and empowering, but I am optimistic we are moving in the right direction. Being first to market in Caledonia and an early participant in the recreational cannabis retail game, it was incredibly important to me to create an experience. I felt responsible for defining what walking into a store to buy cannabis felt and looked like.”

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