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Antuanette Gomez: Sex and cannabis are the reason I am in the industry today

Cannabis and sex expert, Antuanette Gomez is the founder and CEO of the cannabis luxury jewellery brand Acapulco Gold, the founder and CEO of  Pleasure Peaks, a cannabis women’s sexual health company, a part time cannabis consultant at the Green Rush Program and a proud public speaker on cannabis and its cross-section with sexual, women […]
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Ryan VandenBussche: Founder and President of New Leaf Canada

Former NHL enforcer, Ryan VandenBussche, sheds light on his fourteen year career as a professional hockey player. Ryan was originally drafted by the Toronto Maple Leafs in 1992 and was later traded to and played for the New York Rangers, Chicago Blackhawks and Pittsburgh Penguins. Best known for being pound for pound one of the […]
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Billy Hillier a.k.a. Top Shelf

Billy Hillier, a.k.a. “Top Shelf,” both for his obsession with AAAA flower and for being the only person on the team that can reach the top shelves in the locker room, shares his passion for collecting cannabis genetics. Aside from having the best title at Carmel, Billy moonlights as their in-house copywriter #phenofridays, Director of […]
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It's been some canna' life: A Cannabiography by Nathan Turner

I’ll try not to show the amber in my trichomes but it was the first day of school well before my mother stopped making my lunch. My best friend Ken showed up at my house that morning to make the short trek to school together like we had done for a few years now. On […]
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Caledonia's first cannabis shop set to open Nov. 21

Tara Lindemann The Sachem Friday, November 6, 2020 It’s no longer a niche market, but Lolly is set to become Caledonia’s first cannabis shop — and it’s a family affair. Co-founders Danielle Braemer and her uncle, Dan Marazzato were originally set to go once the building inspection was approved earlier this summer, only to be informed they […]
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