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Women-Owned Retailers on the Importance of an Inclusive Cannabis Culture Women who own authorized cannabis retail stores share their unique approach to business and what it’s like to seek gender parity in an emerging industry. From investors to store founders, the cannabis industry has long been a male-dominated space. This month, we’re highlighting eight women who own licensed stores and offer fresh perspectives on […]
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Pickering's first cannabis shop aims to be like LCBO Vintages section

At least two more cannabis stores set to open in Pickering in June Jillian Follert, Pickering News Advertiser Pickering ON — Tuesday, June 15, 2021. Pickering’s first cannabis retail store is open — and several more are following close behind. Lolly Cannabis opened June 4 at 715 Krosno Blvd. and the owners say their business isn’t your average […]
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Doors open at Pickering’s first cannabis retailer

By Brittany Rosen Global News Pickering ON — Tuesday, June 18, 2021. Pickering now has its very first cannabis store. The municipality is the last in the region to allow pot retailers, having originally opted out in 2018. Brittany Rosen has more on the launch and its impact Watch now here.
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How many cannabis stores does Durham have? What to know as the number grows

Expert says brands will have to differentiate themselves to succeed Jillian Follert Wednesday, August 25, 2021 Pickering ON — August 25, 2021. Durham is seeing rapid growth in the number of cannabis retail stores opening or applying to open — a trend that is also occurring across the province. At Lolly Cannabis in Pickering, […]
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Jenn Abbatiello: Parenting and the stigma surrounding cannabis

Dr. Gabor Maté said it best, “It is not so much what happens to us but how we make sense of it.” Parenting Coach Jenn Abbatiello believes that helping our kids make sense of their feelings and what’s going on is one of the best strategies to deal with anxious emotions. Parenting and the stigma […]
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