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Lolly Brings A Unique Cannabis Shopping Experience To Caledonia

AN INDEPENDANT CANNABIS RETAIL STORE PROVIDING A CURATED SELECTION OF SUPERIOR PRODUCTS  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CALEDONIA, ON – November 17, 2020 – Lolly—Grand Opening November 21, 2020—is an independent cannabis retail store based out of Caledonia, ON, selling a range or premium products and accessories. Lolly is a modern and personal approach to cannabis. Our […]
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Max Zavet: Industry pioneer

Getting high is an affair that begins well before you consume and extends far beyond that last euphoric minute. With every intention and purpose, the added element of understanding the nuances of the flower provides that extra layer of perspective, enriching your experience. In our first Find Your Flower edition, we had the pleasure of […]
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James Lowe: Evolution of the cannabis industry

James Lowe was instrumental in the evolution of the cannabis industry from its early years in Colorado. We caught up with the co-founder of MJardin—from his home in Charleston, South Carolina—to chat about where the industry started, and where it’s heading. From what strains are hitting the shelves, to an age-old growing debate (for the […]
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Curtis Wallace: Professional cannabis growing consultant

Hanging out with Curtis Wallace (virtually, of course) gave us a new perspective to the term pioneer. With over 15 years of experience growing cannabis under Health Canada's various legislative frameworks, Curtis, modestly, prides himself on building a career out of what once was a passion project. He now consults for several licensed producers, offering […]
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Julia Mercanti: Finding inspiration and strong sativas

We knew exactly who to call to bring our #findyourflower mantra to life. Toronto-based artist Julia Mercanti’s cheeky illustrations are bursting with colour and hilarious observations about life. As an artist, she crafts thoughtful commentary on current events, and isn’t shy about advocating for change. We caught up with the modern-day muse to chat strong […]
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